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Adriana Dumon leads the creative team at Les Marées. Six years ago she created the backpack brand Ölend, and now she feels the need to create a selected collection of garments.

Her main inspiration is found on the life of her mother, the clothes she has inherited from her, her childhood in an island, and the frequent trips to visit part of her family in the french Bretagne, where she discovered the magic of the tides, and the idea of something that comes and goes, that moves and changes everything, the force that keeps the important things and cleans the unnecessary. 

Les Marées offers a range of timeless and enduring fashion pieces with a special care for the shape and made with high quality materials. 


All our products are made in Barcelona.

Our showroom is located in Poblenou, please

let us know if you want to visit us via email to info@lesmarees.net.

Also find our clothes in:

Trait Store

C/Parlament 28


C/ Mirallers, 7